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You probably know that setting up a comprehensive estate plan before you pass away is essential to safeguarding your belongings and allocating them to the loved one of your choice. Did you know that if you run or own a business, it is just as important to put that in your wills and trusts as soon as possible should something happen to you?

As knowledgeable estate planning attorneys, we will evaluate your business and create a plan that keeps it safe, even after you are gone. Our Lakeville, Minnesota-based office proudly serves those throughout the greater Twin Cities area, including Apple Valley, Eagan, and Burnsville.

As a business owner, you have likely seen growth with your business, and with growth comes a need for more office space or a larger kitchen to keep up with customers' demand. Our background in commercial real estate can help you make sure your real estate contract accurately reflects your wants and needs in this next step.

If you're looking for a team of attorneys that are passionate about helping business owners throughout the Lakeville, Minnesota area, reach out today to get in touch. Fill out our brief form below or simply give our office a call to schedule a consultation.

Intellectual Property Counsel &
Guidance For Your Business

As you make strides with your business, you come up with more ideas, products, and inventions to set your company apart from the competition. To prevent that competition from using your ideas, speak with an intellectual law attorney to safeguard your creative works. From patents and trademarks to copyrights and other forms of licensing, Dakota Law, P.L.L.C. can help.

One of our lawyers, Gary Huusko, is a registered patent attorney that practices before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. We have decades of experience protecting your intellectual property and prosecuting those who violate it. Reach out to our Lakeville office today.

Aside from intellectual property, we have extensive experience with business law and are highly skilled with the services we provide to entrepreneurs and business owners, including business succession planning, banking and finance, compliance and privacy, contracts, and general employment law. Make sure your best interest is the top priority by working with one of our attorneys.

We have proudly served people throughout Minnesota for many years, and plan to do so for more years to come. Our office in Lakeville serves Apple Valley, Eagan, Burnsville, and everywhere in between. Contact our firm today to schedule a consultation.